Is it time to bring back Lang Park?
Is it time to bring back Lang Park? CHARLES KNIGHT

Lang Park could return to "strike fear" in NSW supporters

COULD the iconic "Lang Park" make a return from the history books?

A plan by the LNP would have the iconic title returned to describe what is now Suncorp Stadium, in the legislation.

The arena is named "Brisbane Stadium" in formal legal documents at the moment.

LNP member Jon Krause told the Parliament on Thursday night he wanted to have the stadium renamed to recognise the "spiritual home of rugby league in Queensland".

The namechange would be included in changes to the Major Sports Facilities bill which also includes amendments to the way taxes are collected under the Gaming Machine Act.

Fairfax reports Mr Krause told Parliament that most Queenslanders who grew up when the stadium was Lang Park, would support the renaming.

"If we took a straw poll of Queenslanders, I dare say most people would agree with that."

Sunshine Coast member for Glass House Andrew Powell said hearing the name Lang Park as a boy growing up in New South Wales struck fear into the hearts of Blues supporters.

"I think we should take any opportunity we have here in Queensland to ram that down any support of the NSW rugby league team or any other sporting code that uses that facility," he said.

Labor MP Scott Emerson endorsed the idea, saying it was a "fine move".

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