Nikolee Ansell.
Nikolee Ansell.

Labor to give Wide Bay fair share

WIDE Bay Labor candidate Nikolee Ansell has said a vote for her would help ensure better health in Wide Bay.

“Julia Gillard and Labor will train 3000 new nurses and 1300 GPs over the next three years and Wide Bay will get its fair share,” she said.

Ms Ansell also said Labor’s investment in a super fast National Broadband Network would deliver affordable, high speed broadband services to all Australians, no matter where they lived or work.

“It will make our businesses more competitive, give our hospitals access to medical research and allow our kids to access the latest education resources.

“When the global financial crisis hit Labor did what it had to do to protect jobs. Whilst regional economies are more susceptible we will benefit from Labor’s decisive action.

“Labor will invest in our regions so they have the infrastructure they need to grow.”

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