Koalas have been spotted crossing busy Southside street
Koalas have been spotted crossing busy Southside street Jasmine Burke

Koalas spotted crossing busy Southside roads


Koalas on move on Southside

RECENT sightings of koalas in Southside streets is a great reminder that even in the suburbs we need to be koala-aware during this koala breeding season.

A resident recently saw a koala crossing Copp Rd at 4am, near Jaycee Park.

A week ago a Groundwater Rd resident (nest the entrance to Crest Estate) was shocked to see a koala up a pole in her garage.

She did the right thing - contained her dogs on the patio, alerted the neighbours for the same reason,

and contacted the local wildlife service ANARRA; however the koala had moved on by the time they came.

This koala looked like a young male, and is most likely dispersing to find a new koala breeding group to join.

This is pretty tough in urban setting where habitat is so fragmented and koalas run the gauntlet of roads and domestic dogs.

These two koalas were moving at night and early hours. So the message is, even in the suburbs of Southside, drive more slowly from dusk to dawn, and importantly ensure dogs never roam.

Koala Action Gympie is gathering data on where koalas remain in the Southside, and would love to hear your stories, historic and current.

We are also keen to support landholders who can help improve the connectivity of remaining koala habitat.

Contact us on koalas@mrccc.org.au or call 5483 5242.

Michelle Daly,

Co-ordinator, Koala Action Group Gympie Region



ANOTHER very successful event held last weekend (September 15-17) with 150 riders taking part on the ride from Turavale Woolooga to Widgee Sports Grounds.

While numbers were down slightly on last year, this could be attributed to the very dry weather conditions at present.

The fundraising on Friday and Saturday nights set new records with spirited bidding by the audience for the items up for auction. The quarter horse mare donated by Ron Fisher realised $1650 with the winning bidders being Matt and Caz Crane.

The Friday night was attended by Angel Flight CEO Marjorie Pagani who thanked the organisers and those in attendance for their efforts raising funds for Angel Flight Australia.

A special highlight during the ride was the effort by Sue Heath who rode side-saddle for the entire journey of 30km and raised nearly $800 for Angel Flight.

The Sunday Fun Day was well supported with camp draft, pony club and barrel racing events with the weekend winding up late on Sunday afternoon.

The committee wishes to acknowledge the support received from all our generous sponsors and also the time and commitment readily given by a small army of volunteers.

Each sponsor and volunteer will be contacted once the final donation to Angel Flight has been organised. Our thanks also to all who supported the raffles and auctions making the event a success.

A few tired trail riders but an enjoyable weekend had by all

Ray Matthews,

President Woolooga Old Coach Trail Riders Inc

Thank you Roadcraft

MY HOUSEMATE and I recently completed a caravan driving course with Roadcraft.

I would recommend this course to everybody towing a caravan.

I was hoping you would publish this letter in Letters to the Editor as a means of saying thank you to all the staff.

Ron Reeves,


Promise to Little Haven

ON WEDNESDAY evening I was happy to accept an invitation to attend the Little Haven Palliative Care AGM.

I would like to say how I admire the persistence of the organisation in such tough economic times.

After 38 years they will not turn away one person in their last days.

It also shows the dedication of the Gympie community to continually support them whether financially or in volunteer hours.

It is disappointing that the current government can't see the cost benefit of the services being provided by Little Haven Palliative Care compared to the cost if these clients were to spend their final journey in the government health system, as recognised by the Productivity Commission hearings into Human Services Reforms.

I have met with Sue Manton, business manager Little Haven Palliative Care, and have committed to ensuring that the services the organisation provides will have a strong voice via my office if I am elected as the member of parliament for Gympie.

Chelle Dobson,

One Nation Candidate for Gympie

Gympie Times

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