Kiss on child's head lands pensioner in court

Daniel Sean Jenkinson has faced court for giving a stranger’s child a kiss on the head.
Daniel Sean Jenkinson has faced court for giving a stranger’s child a kiss on the head. Contributed

A 51-YEAR-OLD was told he "overstepped his boundaries" when he kissed a stranger's child on the head.

Disability pensioner Daniel Sean Jenkinson had been drinking with mates at a park in North Ipswich when he made the affectionate gesture.

Seated nearby was a group of people who were enjoying a sausage sizzle.The group included people with mental and physical disabilities along with their carers, friends and family.

During the afternoon, one of the children at the sausage sizzle approached Jenkinson and his mates and briefly chatted with them.

Later that day, as Jenkinson walked past the group he encountered the child again and gave him a pat and a kiss on the head.

After the interaction, the child's mother told Jenkinson she did not want him near her child.

He later responded by calling the woman a lesbian. The police were called and Jenkinson was charged with creating a public nuisance.

At Ipswich Magistrates Court, Jenkinson pleaded guilty to the charge.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kerry Allison said it was not alleged the kiss on the head had any sexual motive and was innocent in nature.

Sgt Allison said Jenkinson had been drinking heavily at the time of the offence and was more "gregarious" than normal.

When police arrived, Jenkinson refused to tell the officers his name, even after they threatened him with arrest. He was ordered by police to remain seated and was arrested when he refused to do so.

While being restrained, Jenkinson swore and shouted obscenities at police.He pleaded guilty to obstructing police and contravening a police direction.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess told Jenkinson he had overstepped his boundaries when he gave the child a kiss on the head.

"Whilst there is no suggestion of sinister conduct, it's reasonable to expect engaging in that type of behaviour with people you don't know would cause them concern," she said.

Jenkinson was convicted and fined $500.

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