Kin Kin quarry trial continues

A QUARRY business plan, created in 1998, estimated a Kin Kin site could produce 18 million cubic metres of “future stock”, a court has heard.

No geological survey had been done but the plan detailed reasons why a Kin Kin site was the ideal spot for a quarry, barrister John Gallagher QC said.

He also detailed thousands of cubic metres of stock used for roads external to the quarry site and several extractions between 1995 and 1999.

Mr Gallagher is acting for the Nielson Group which plans to operate a Kin Kin quarry following its proposed expansion.

But the Kin Kin Community Group (KKCG), which raised more than $100,000 in the past year towards their fight, has launched legal action against Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Nielson Group and quarry owner John Shepperson.

The group fears plans to expand the quarry would ruin the small township they love.

Greg Overton, a town planning expert engaged by KKCG, said the excavation activity since an initial 1987 application was minimal compared to the 2005 proposal. “It was relatively minor quarry activity,” he said.

On Tuesday a Maroochydore judge took a tour of the quarry site.

The case is expected to go for two weeks.

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