Kin Kin quarry battle begins

A “DAVID versus Goliath” legal stoush will be played out over the next two weeks, as the Kin Kin Community Group fights to stop a quarry expansion from “ruining” the tiny township.

Over the past year the group has raised more than $100,000 to launch legal action against the Sunshine Coast Council; the Nielson Group (which will operate the quarry) and the quarry’s owner John Shepperson.

Yesterday marked the first day of the hearing in the Maroochydore Planning and Environment Court.

Group members fear if plans to expand the quarry go ahead, the township they love could be destroyed

The reopening and expansion of the quarry site at Sheppersons Hill, about 25km south-east of Kin Kin, was approved by the now-amalgamated Noosa council and, if allowed to proceed, will operate for more than 30 years.

The hard rock quarry will operate up to six days a week, blast throughout the day. It will house a fleet of 40 trucks which will transport rock using the “rundown” Kin Kin-Pomona Road as their main route.

About 20,000 litres of fuel distillate will be stored at the site but will be housed to the requirements of the Dangerous Goods and Safety Management Regulation.

Group spokesman Gary Martin, owner of Kin Kin’s largest employer Living Valley Springs Health Retreat,, said the amount of money raised showed how concerned the community was.

“In Kin Kin, the population is about 600 and that includes kids. Of those people, 110 are members (of the group),” Mr Martin said.

“This is a community passionate about preserving the natural environment and quality of life.

“If this quarry goes ahead, the township will be destroyed. People will leave and it will die.”

Mr Martin said key issues for the community were road safety and the environment.

He said lives would be put at risk, with trucks using the “dilapidated” Kin Kin-Pomona Road.

“If this gets the go-ahead, it’s just a matter of time before someone is killed,” Mr Martin said.

“The road is falling apart in places and much of it is only wide enough for one car.”

The hearing continues.

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