Kin Kin Group goes to council

THEY came out of the Kin Kin hills surrounding the Sheppersons Lane quarry operation they fear, to open up some closed council doors.

Residents and the Kin Kin Community Group have been hammering away in recent months to get some answers.

They were in no mood for stonewalling at the Tewantin chambers of the Sunshine Coast council, where the quarry was to be discussed by councillors in confidence.

The KKCG is seeking a judgement in the Planning and Environment Court to set aside the old Noosa Council approval and force operators, the Neilsen Group, to apply for a material change of use. KKCG spokesman Allen Packer was among the “No Quarry” gathering in the gallery when frustration turned to a glimmer of hope.

He said the indications were that Mayor Bob Abbot may at least be doing his best to try and see that compliance issues were addressed.

Mr Packer said Cr Keryn Jones and Cr Tim Dwyer seemed to want to know more about local concerns but the response of their local councillor Lew Brennan had been disappointing to date.

After yesterday’s closed-door sessions, councillors passed a motion that council officers instigate action seeking Neilsen’s compliance with operating conditions.

The Neilsen Group were ordered to suspend all activities at the quarry last month.

It is believed an unannounced inspection of the quarry by a mines inspector allegedly revealed it was not complying with proper safety procedures.

And a mine inspector’s record of a follow-up compliance meeting with Neilsen’s representative Rob Snowden claimed a “disturbing” lack of operational knowledge of requirements.

The July 9 inspection found the quarry was open to people and livestock.

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