Kidnap claims hide secret affairs

A MAN told police he was abducted at knifepoint and locked in his own car boot for hours – to hide his secret affairs from his partner.

Larry Ronald Fyfe went to Springfield Lakes police with the bizarre abduction hoax, claiming a “Polynesian man” armed with a knife had hopped into the passenger seat of his car the previous day.

Fyfe said the man forced him to drive around the Logan and Ipswich areas for hours before he was told to pull over at Ison Road, Greenbank. The 53-year-old said he threw his wallet, phone and keys into the bush and the man took $400 from him.

He then alleged he was locked in his own car boot where he remained all night until a passer-by released him the next morning. But the crime claim was simply an elaborate con to prevent his partner discovering his cheating ways.

Springfield Lakes police contacted four detectives from the Ipswich Criminal Investigation Branch to look into the claims.

Ipswich Magistrates Court yesterday heard that despite being repeatedly queried by investigators over discrepancies in his versions, Fyfe maintained he was telling the truth.

But after four-and-a-half hours, Fyfe finally cracked and told police: “You have got me, you are good at your job. It is a lie”.

Prosecutor Sergeant Mark Muller said Fyfe told detectives he made up the story on October 6 to account for the time that he was “missing” from his partner while he was actually in Surat – more than 400 kilometres west of Ipswich.

“The defendant further stated to investigators he was attempting to create a “cover story” for his partner to hide affairs he was having in the Surat area,” Sgt Muller said.

“He further stated he made up the cover story as it was his belief that nobody would be hurt by making this false complaint.”

The sales representative then directed police to an area on Ison Road where he had earlier hidden his wallet and phone.

Fyfe, who had no criminal history, pleaded guilty to making a false representation which caused police investigations and was fined $1500 and ordered to pay $958 in costs.

Fyfe showed the court his wedding ring and said he had made up with his partner and they were now married.

He said he was sorry for the offence but asked if the paperwork could be sent to a post office box so his wife did not find out about the fine.

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