JAILED: Derek Sam appears in Brisbane Court in 2001. Sam was sentenced to 15 years in prison in August 2001 for the murder of 16-year-old Jessica Gaudie.
JAILED: Derek Sam appears in Brisbane Court in 2001. Sam was sentenced to 15 years in prison in August 2001 for the murder of 16-year-old Jessica Gaudie. SOURCE UNKNOWN

Kenilworth cold case: Killer refuses to help police

THE Kenilworth killer convicted of murdering a Nambour schoolgirl and linked to two other suspicious deaths in the area refuses to lead investigators to the location of the body, police say.

Derek Bellington Sam, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison in August 2001 for the murder of 16-year-old Jessica Gaudie, remains in jail under "no body, no parole” legislation.

A Queensland Police Service media spokeswoman confirmed Sam was still serving the life sentence, and there had been "no information” supplied as to the whereabouts of Ms Gaudie's body.


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Jessica Gaudie.
Jessica Gaudie. Supplied

"The offender is currently serving a life sentence for the murder and no information has been supplied concerning the location of the body of Jessica Gaudie,” a Queensland Police media spokeswoman said.

"The offender is subject of 'no body no parole' legislation, and at this stage the QPS is not aware of any application to the parole board,” she said.

In March 2017, it was reported police were "readying to charge” Sam with murdering two other women who vanished from the same rural road between 1998 and 1999.

The Courier-Mail reported detectives were expecting to complete a brief of evidence against Sam amid renewed investigations into the suspected murders of British backpacker Celena Bridge and teacher's aide Sabrina Glassop.

Celena Bridge.
Celena Bridge. Contributed

The 28-year-old Ms Bridge was the first to disappear after she set off for a hike to the Little Yabba Creek camping ground at Kenilworth on July 16, 1998.

Teacher's aide Ms Glassop, 47, vanished after last being seen by her mother at her Kenilworth district home on May 29, 1999.

Sabrina Ann Glassop.
Sabrina Ann Glassop. PARKES GRAEME

A Kenilworth-based horse trainer and indigenous tracker who was known to the Glassops, Derek Bellington Sam, was jailed for the murder of Ms Gaudie years after she went missing from Burnside in August 1999.

He was reportedly the last person to see Ms Gaudie alive when he went to the house where she babysat he and his estranged de facto's three children.

Court records from the Supreme Court Library of Queensland note Sam's statement to police was that he left a birthday party, at which his former partner Mia Summers was in attendance, "somewhere between 1 and 2am on the Sunday morning, 29 August, and went to the residence of Summers where his three children and the babysitter were”.

"According to his account which formed the basis of defence at the trial, he persuaded Jessica Gaudie to come with him to the party for the purpose of inducing Mia Summers to leave it,” the court records state.

"According to (Sam's) story, he drove Jessica Gaudie to the intersection of Bonney and Elizabeth Streets, Nambour which, on the evidence, was a distance of some 263 metres from the house where the party was being held.

"According to his statement, he told Jessica that there was a lady there that would drive her home. He claimed in the statement he then drove away and that was the last he saw of her.”

Reports in 2017 stated Sam had "always denied being involved in the disappearances of the three women”, but detectives "secretly took Sam out of prison and back to where Ms Bridge and Ms Glassop vanished as part of the new push to solve the mysteries” in 2016.

At the time, police were also "discussing an alternative plan in which Sam would not be prosecuted if he leads them to the bodies of all three missing women”.

Detective Senior Sergeant Daren Edwards said: "There remains an opportunity for Derek to help himself. All police are trying to get is an outcome for those families”.

Despite the renewed investigations, Police have confirmed the matter continues and no further charges have been laid against Sam.

"No further charges have been proffered against the convicted offender in this matter which is still an open and current investigation,” the QPS media spokeswoman said.

None of the three bodies has been found.

Acting Senior Sergeant Mark Wright, who worked with Inspector Peter Brewer to jail Sam for Ms Gaudie's murder, said back in 2014 "he was determined to find Jessica's body for the family's sake”.

"I don't think I have gone a day since Jess went missing that I have not thought about where she might be,” Acting Snr Sgt Wright said.


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