Kandanga deer hunter fined for weapons and trespassing

A GYMPIE man who trespassed on a Kandanga property last year when he was chasing an injured deer copped a heavy fine in Gympie Magistrates Court yesterday.

Robert Iain Williams, 26, of Gympie, was driving on Kandanga Creek Rd with a friend on July 23 when two deer raced across the road and were hit by the vehicle.

On seeing the injured animals, the court heard Williams' friend shot one deer from the roadside to end its suffering, before the pair crossed into a nearby property to search for the other injured deer.

On hearing the gunshot, the property owner called the police.

The two men gutted the shot deer and placed it on their truck, telling the court they did not want to leave the carcass to bloat and explode.

On February 18, Williams was further charged with possession of a number of illegal and unauthorised objects when police searched a Kandanga Creek home.

Police found two unlawful weapons: a Mauser bolt action rifle and an air rifle and also rifle ammunition.

Marijuana and seeds totalling 60 grams and a water pipe were also uncovered.

Williams pleaded guilty to all charges and was fined $990 for trespassing and $440 for possessing unlawful weapons.

The defendant was further placed on 12 months probation for dangerous drugs possession.

Convictions were recorded for all charges.

Gympie Times

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