Jury ponders attempted murder charge

A JURY has begun deliberations into whether a man tried to murder his former girlfriend when he stabbed her in the heart with a knife.

The jurors can also deliver an alternative verdict that David Allen Baker, also known as Baldwin, maliciously intended to cause grievous bodily harm.

Margaret Revesz, then 42, believed she was farewelling Baker, who was about to move to Gladstone for work, when she leaned into him at her Bray Park home on November 2, 2009.

Ms Revesz told the jury on Tuesday how Baker held her close to his side, used his thumb to measure near her ribs and then stuck the knife in.

She said he also tried to choke her and hit her with a clump of wood from her pot belly stove.

But Baker's defence told the jury on Thursday they should pay attention to the medical evidence.

He said more damage would have been done if he had hit her full force with a clump of wood as she had claimed, but she just had a small abrasion.

He said there were no bruises around her neck to indicate he tried to strangle her.

The barrister said jurors should also note Baker drove his car there and smoked in plain view outside with Ms Revesz before he stabbed her.

"People who plan to commit a crime, they don't do it with a view to getting caught," he said.

"There are aspects about the evidence which don't show pre-planning."

The barrister said the stabbing and what the woman had been through was terrible, but his client did not plan to murder her.

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