Armed woman says sorry as she invades home looking for beer

A DRUG-fuelled woman who committed a home invasion at Mooloolaba and asked the terrified owner for a beer while brandishing a meat clever has escaped a lengthy jail sentence.

Rebecca Beauclerc, 37, pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court yesterday to burglary and armed robbery.

Crown Prosecutor Victoria Trafford-Walker told the court that Beauclerc broke into a Buderim house in December last year and stole money, jewellery, tools, electrical items, clothes and bags.

Ms Trafford-Walker told the court that after Beauclerc had finished ransacking the place she left a note saying, "I am so sorry. I am a junkie. You do not deserve this."

However, the crime spree did not stop there.

The court was told that on January 10, Beauclerc and an accomplice armed themselves with a hunting knife and handgun and stormed a Mooloolaba house in the dead of night.

Beauclerc took a meat cleaver from the kitchen and brandished it in the face of the terrified victim while demanding a beer from the fridge.

Beauclerc told the victim "she was in a stabbing mood" and demanded money and items of value.

Ms Trafford-Walker, who asked for a sentence of between five and six years, told the court Beauclerc had a shocking criminal history.

It included an armed robbery in 2003 in which she held up a store with a blood-filled syringe.

"There is no doubt it would have been a terrifying ordeal for the occupant of the house at Mooloolaba," Ms Trafford-Walker said.

However, Judge Brian Devereaux took into account that Beauclerc had checked herself into a drug rehabilitation clinic the day after the home invasion in a bid to get back on to the straight and narrow.

He sentenced her to four and a half years in jail, but ordered that she spend only 12 months in custody.

"You have a troubling criminal history," Judge Devereaux said.

"It must have been a terrifying experience for the occupant of the house to be confronted by a drug-fuelled person in their home at midnight who was brandishing a knife while your accomplice was brandishing a gun.

"It is the sort of crime the community loathes.

"Each of the charges before me are extremely serious.

"You have effectively punished other people for your drug problem.

"Given your history, some people might find your sentence is a bit lenient.

"But I do believe with the right support in place you have scope for rehabilitation," he said.

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