‘P***ed’ Ali banishes Bach fav

INSULTED and "p*ssed off", Ali has been forced to banish one Bachelorette frontrunner from the competition after he accuses her of cheating and presents an unreasonable ultimatum.

The basic premise of The Bachelor franchise is that one person dates a bunch of other people at the same time while transferring cold sores around the mansion over the course of eight weeks before choosing one individual to be with for a contracted amount of time following the series' end.

But it seems not everyone is aware of how the show works. On Thursday night's hometown visits one guy becomes so annoyed Ali is dating the other three remaining contestants, he starts making outrageous demands. And Ali finally snaps.

While the home visits are usually a chance for judgy mums with short haircuts to shine, tonight the spotlight is stolen by bossy sisters.

In Ballarat, we meet Taite's sister Skye who really loves collars.

Hey I think your collar’s up, hon.
Hey I think your collar’s up, hon.

Skye is a lawyer and she's desperate to show us her legal tricks. She sits down at the dining table with some barbs ready to throw.

"How is this different to any of the other situations you've had on TV? Like, boy meets girl, it's televised …" she says, pretending to not know how The Bachelor works. "I just find that an interesting concept, that's all."

She snipes that Ali seems to have fallen in love with a lot of men publicly.

"I love the idea of love,' Ali says sweetly.

‘I love collars but I’m not gonna marry them.’
‘I love collars but I’m not gonna marry them.’

Despite her appearance on this reality show, Skye feels the need to stress to us that she does not personally enjoy reality TV and would not willingly watch it.

"Reality TV is not my schtick," she tells us condescendingly. "If that floats your boat and if that's what you're ultimately interested in and you think that's a platform to find love, fine. But it's not my journey. I'm just gonna leave it at that."

We're insulted Skye thinks she's better than us for not watching reality shows so we excuse ourselves from the table and wish her and her oversized collar all the best.

When we whirl over to Melbourne to meet Bill for his hometown, we quickly realise we've all wasted our time.

His mum and dad are too embarrassed to take part in the show. And his brother and sister couldn't be bothered making an appearance. But the consolation is a real treat.

We'll be spending the evening with his housemate and some random girl he hooked up with once at a dog park. What a night. The only thing that makes it better is the house we're having dinner at is the dog park girl's dad's place. It's truly sensational.

Dog park girl does have a name. It's Amy and she's still in love with Bill. We know this because when Ali reveals Bill's decision to move to Adelaide to be with her should he win, Amy almost flips the table.

Ew Adelaide.
Ew Adelaide.

Locked in a bitter stand off over who cares about Bill more, Ali turns the tables on Amy and fires her own questions. Bill has been vague about his history with Amy, insisting they're just friends. But Ali knows there's something more.

"You've never dated?" she asks Amy point blank.

Amy finds great glee in how uncomfortable Ali is. And she feels tremendous when she finally gets to confirm what Ali hopes isn't true.

"We have, maybe. For a very, very short period of time," she smirks.

"How long ago was it that you dated?" Ali replies nervously.

It's at this point Amy openly laughs in Ali's face. She sits backs in her chair and smiles widely.

"You're not letting this go, are you!" she mocks Ali.

Ali looks down and dreams of better days, when her biggest problem was Taite's sister and her passion for really big collars. Unable to bear more humiliation, she runs out of the house and catches a late night flight to Perth to meet Todd's family.

There's not much to say about Todd's hometown visit except we're only now just hearing about his dreams to be a policeman and his sister Kerryn doesn't tolerate nonsense.

Don’t mess with Kerryn.
Don’t mess with Kerryn.

We thought the height of the hometown visits would definitely be Bill's ex crashing the dinner. But in Sydney, Charlie goes and one-ups the dog park girl.

After a chill afternoon spent paddle boarding, we all start getting ready to go meet Charlie's family. We're shocked to find out we won't be meeting anyone.

"This is where it ends," Charlie tells us. "There's not going to be a hometown dinner. You're not gonna be meeting my family."

He sits Ali down on a rock overlooking the Tasman. The wind whips her hair and she can sense something isn't right.

"I'm not all happy," Charlie says. "Tonight's not going to happen. I don't need (my family's) opinion to know how I feel. I know how I feel. There's a good chance I could get hurt. There's three other guys you're seeing and having connections with."

We're stunned. Mainly because dating a bunch of other guys before choosing one is the actual premise of the show he willingly signed up for.

Ali's confused. She wants to talk about it more but Charlie cuts her off and slaps down an ultimatum.

"No. I need to know this is 100 per cent real and right. And to do that, I just feel we need to be exclusive," he demands.

Charlie's made a lot of condescending comments over the past six weeks and tonight he outdoes himself.

"Do what you do best and go and think about it," he tells her. I don't even know what this means.

"I'm pissed off," Ali fumes to us.

We all know how grossly intense Charlie is but for some reason Ali refused to get rid of him early on. Put on the spot and with Charlie trying to control her, she's had enough. When she arrives for the rose ceremony, she demands producers let her see him so she can get to the bottom of the nonsense.

On the surface, Charlie seems perfect. He says he's completely invested and can see himself falling in love with Ali. Who wouldn't want to hear that? But then he goes and ruins it all by getting all controlling and demanding. He accuses Ali of cheating on him with the other guys.

"There's one thing missing: it just being you and me," he says. "The issue for me, and it really eats me up, is we are not exclusive. Because you are committed to other people here. You're seeing other people, Ali. It's not right. In the real world you call it unfaithful. In here it's called The Bachelorette."

This is how the show works you peanut.
This is how the show works you peanut.

He tries to play tough. Bold statements are thrown around in the hope Ali will get scared of the repercussions and give in.

"If it doesn't work for you, Ali, just say so. It means you and me were never meant to be," he shrugs.

It's all very exhausting and repetitive.

Suddenly, Ali stands up.

"Is this goodbye then? I had my doubts. You've given me clarity now," Charlie sniffs.

We're not really sure what Charlie wants exactly. Does he expect Ali to dump all the other guys on the spot and choose him when there's still a week left of the competition?

"I'm not gonna beg for you, Ali," he taunts. "I'm not gonna get on my hands and knees and say, 'Please don't go, please don't go'."

Ali snaps.

"OK, leave," she spits.

Charlie is stunned. He stares at her. His demands were supposed to get a reaction, just not this one.

"Take care. Be OK. Know that I'll be thinking of you. Bye," Ali adds.

Sure, Charlie loved her. But the demands and expectations weren't acceptable. She'd rather spend the rest of her life wearing a shirt with a really big collar that refuses to fold down.

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