James Lawrence is a super freak and an inspiration

BY any definition James Lawrence is a freak. A super freak.

The guy set a world record on the weekend when he completed his 50th full course ironman triathlon in 50 days.

That's impressive enough.

But the fact that he did it across 50 US states is incredible.

What is even more impressive, however, is why he was doing it.

It puts us all to shame really.

Lawrence is keen to highlight the obesity epidemic gripping the western world.

He says we are all too fat.

We don't exercise enough.

We don't challenge ourselves enough to do hard things.

And worst of all, we don't set an example for our kids to do that.

Dubbed the Iron Cowboy, Lawrence is an inspiration to his four kids - and many thousands of kids who dream of doing better.

"It's for my children. Everything I do, I do for them. I try to set examples for them. I try to set big goals and accomplish them," Lawrence says.

As part of his efforts, he has raised money for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, the organisation that works in schools to provide people with better access to food education.

James Lawrence        Source: Twitter
James Lawrence Source: Twitter

"There is a massive epidemic in this country. We're obese, and it's a problem. We need to make some serious changes in our lives," Lawrence says.

"We need to change the way we eat, we need to change our activity levels, and we need to change our lifestyles."

It was not Lawrence's first world record but his third.

He has held the record for the most ironman races completed in a year (22 in 30 weeks in 2010), and one for the most ultra-distance triathlons in one year (30 in 2012).

Hopefully more of us will get off our chairs and be challenged to go a little harder, a little longer - and more importantly - take our kids with us.

Whether it be walking a few extra kilometres on the beach, swimming a few more laps at the pool or climbing a mountain on the weekend, we can all show our kids the incredible sense of achievement that comes from doing something we haven't done before.

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