WIN: Adam Madill presents Jada Burns with her prize.
WIN: Adam Madill presents Jada Burns with her prize. Renee Albrecht

Jada powers to win at awards

THE winner of the 2016 Bendigo Bank Gympie Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Award has had to overcome some significant hurdles in her life.

Jada Burns, owner and operator of Believe Personal Training & Fitness, says she uses the difficulties she has faced to help others.

"Have you ever walked into a gym with a yearning to be fit and healthy only to want to run and hide because of all of the seemingly 'perfect' people in there? I know how that feels. I have 'issues' but I want to use them to help others,” she said.

The "issues” she speaks of were a debilitating car accident in her 20s while 19 weeks pregnant, a bout of thyroid cancer and surgery to remove a suspicious lump in her breast.

"I ended up with a broken pelvis, fractured hip and spine.

"I spent lots of time in hospital and bub was born at 33.5 weeks via C-section. Told I may never walk again, I proved them wrong and continued to do so with other medical conditions thrown at me,” Ms Burns said. "I am just so thankful for this opportunity as it has given me reason to keep fighting,” she said of her nomination.

When she discovered she had won Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Ms Burns said she was in shock.

"I can't believe it. This makes it all worth it.”

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