CHIPPING IN: PETstock vet Rebecca Micallef scans the microchip of a recently chipped wheaten terrier puppy.
CHIPPING IN: PETstock vet Rebecca Micallef scans the microchip of a recently chipped wheaten terrier puppy.

UPDATE: $10 microchipping blitz still happening, book now

UPDATE THURSDAY: AFTER initial confusion, bookings have re-opened for PETstock's Great Microchip Blitz on November 19-20. 

The weekend blitz offers microchipping at PETstock stores across Australia, including Gympie, at just $10. 

The service would usually cost pet owners $50-$75 at a vet clinic.

Gympie pet owners were keen to take up the offer, but on Tuesday evening could find no reference to the blitz on PETstock's website, while the blitz's booking site only listed several PETstock stores in other regions.

A spokesman apologised for the confusion, and said the problem had been fixed with bookings back online.

"We just got confirmation that PETstock Gympie will in fact be open this weekend for microchipping on the Saturday (9am - 5pm) and Sunday (9am - 1pm)," the spokesman said.

"Due to the large number of applicants through the website it had glitched the system."

Spots are fast running out, with only 27 slots left as of 11:26am today.

Bookings are essential, click here to reserve your place.

TUESDAY: PETstock Gympie is encouraging pet owners to take part in the PETstock Microchip Blitz on November 19 and 20 to combat the issue of un-microchipped pets arriving at pounds and shelters.

Despite most Australian states and territories mandating microchipping, PETstock estimates that up to 80-90% of cats are not microchipped when they become lost.

PETstock's Microchip Blitz will encourage all pet parents to microchip their furry friends by offering $10 microchipping at any PETstock store nationally during the weekend.

Pet owners are encouraged to register on the PETstock website to secure their booking.

Further to this, pet parents can pay it forward by donating funds towards another pet's microchipping.

PETstock Microchip Blitz national project manager Christine Robertson there were several reasons pets were not microchipped, the main one being expense.

"The average price of microchipping at a vet costs around $50-$75, excluding consultation fees," Ms Robertson said.

"Unfortunately too many older dogs that were puppies before the laws came into effect are not microchipped and their owners don't realise this until it's too late," she said.

Cat owners are also being strongly encouraged to attend the Blitz, with many feline friends slipping through the cracks.

"Sadly, we're only seeing around seven per cent of lost cats reunited with their owners, with 30 per cent killed and the remainder having to be re-homed," Ms Robertson said.

"The trauma that pets and families go through in these scenarios is certainly avoidable and one of the biggest reasons why we're undertaking this blitz," she said.

It's not just dog and cat owners who will be encouraged to have their animals microchipped.

"Small animals are notorious escape artists and can be microchipped on the day as well," Ms Robertson said.

"Unfortunately, the Blitz won't be able to cater for horses, birds, livestock and reptiles," she said.

PETstock also wants to educate pet parents about the simple steps they can take to ensure their pet returns home quickly and safely.

"If you change address or phone number it is important to ensure these details are updated on your microchipping organisation's database," Ms Robertson said.

"Flagging a lost pet with your organisation can also assist in getting it home."

The PETstock Microchip Blitz will be held at ALL PETstock stores across Australia.

Bookings are essential. To book an appointment, to visit and book early to avoid missing out.

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