Palmer election victory unlikely: political expert

IT IS highly unlikely Clive Palmer will be Australia's next prime minister and he may not even win a seat in parliament, a Sunshine Coast political expert says.

Donna Weeks, a lecturer in politics at the University of the Sunshine Coast, said while the mining billionaire's political credentials could not be dismissed, his personal aspirations appeared unachievable.

"There is sufficient political savvy behind his pronouncements for us to take notice of his intentions," she wrote in an article on online site The Conversation.

"Mr Palmer is no political novice seeking to clumsily exert influence for his business interests."

But the region's LNP leanings would work against him in the seat of Fairfax, despite him garnering support from state MP Peter Wellington, whose electorate overlapped.

"That might garner some support from Wellington supporters when Clive comes door knocking soon," Ms Weeks said, adding there was a lot of dissatisfaction with the major parties.

"People might like his 'rambunctiousness' sufficiently to cast their vote his way," she said.

"However, preferences will tell a big story here too.

"A first-preference vote to PUP will send a message to the majors, but the second and third preferences will inevitably be directed to the more conservative side of politics. This will no doubt favour the LNP candidates.

"Mr Palmer's grand ambition to be PM is unlikely to be realised this time."

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