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Is this the answer to Gympie's mobile woes?

Letter to the editor:

FROM Perth to Adelaide, to Gympie, of late it seems there's a lot of people having "trouble” with mobile phone services they didn't have trouble with a few months back.

In my case, I found an answer; turning off the 4G ability of my phones, to 3G only.

This is ironic, but worth "reporting”, as in many discussions I've heard and read about the mess that is the NBN, some pundits, who like most should know better than I, suggest the answer to the NBN woes is for broader use of mobile networks as an alternative to the mish-mash the Coalition z'governmentz' created out of a once-good NBN idea.

I don't know, nor expect to get any worthwhile facts about why the 4G network fails me and others now when it once worked but I've read of 5G coming due to the high use of mobile data being too much for the current networks. Maybe we've reached that point already?

I find it somewhat sad and somewhat amusing that that "old” 3G network often works better than the NBN, albeit that such being the case doesn't bode well for a future more highly dependent on digital transfer. I also find it sad, and not the least amusing, that around the same time as 4G failed me so did my ABC TV signal become more painful than it's worth.

I'm about as "sophisticated” as a waste paper basket and about as "intellectual” as a gumboot. I'm no "latte sipping” snob and have nothing to be snobby about, but my brain hurts trying to watch or listen to the commercial offerings of TV and radio now that I've essentially lost the ABC, and most times SBS.

To get news outside of Australia's increasingly parochial and self-promoting "soft” dribble I'm now forced to use the NBN, and often mobile data. I simply can't stand watching a "winker” presenting "Qld's favourite news”, or be "entertained” by cooking shows and arranged marriages which are obviously doomed to fail.

I reckon I'm a survivor but I can't see value in that show or much else offered either.

Dave Freeman

Gympie Times

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