Dr Peter O'Hare with an iPad.
Dr Peter O'Hare with an iPad. Renee Pilcher

Medical app helping to save lives

IF YOU find all the latest technology confusing, you are not the only one.

Principal radiologist at Southern X-Ray Gympie, Dr Peter O'Hare, said he was not very confident about using an iPad but he was excited that medical scans could now be accessed on them.

And help save lives in urgent cases.

He said doctors and specialists who had access to the I-MED network could log in on their iPhone or iPad anywhere at anytime, and access reports from radiographers and good quality diagnostic images of scans.

The new app is giving doctors access to patient MRI, CT, ultrasound and x-ray images that they would previously not have access to.

Dr O'Hare said previously doctors could only access a report from a computer and now scans could be uploaded onto the I-MED system making diagnoses more accurate.

"You can scroll up and down through the body like a lift," he said.

Southern X-Ray has launched the new I-MED Online Queensland app in Gympie.

It is the first application for portable scans in Queensland and is free for pre-registered and approved medical professionals from iTunes.

Dr O'Hare said the app had already proved effective in Western Australian practices and would greatly benefit local patients and doctors.

"Prior to the introduction of this app, doctors had to be at their primary office or computer terminal in order to receive and access patients' diagnostic scans.

"If a doctor is on call, out of the office, or moving between facilities, they can now get instant access to new patient results and determine how and when action needs to be taken," he said.

"In critical or urgent cases, this could help save lives.

"Working with top developers, we have ensured the app is extremely secure with patient privacy maintained at all times through the integration of high level technical safeguards."

I-MED Queensland general manager Justin Mottram said the radiology group was thrilled to be pioneering the next generation in diagnostic imaging technology.

"We have invested significantly in this new technology to help provide increased flexibility to doctors," he said.

"The app will help them better manage urgent patient cases."

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