WATCH: Crocodile hunters to catch Agnes croc

GOVERNMENT crocodile hunters will try to catch a crocodile in Round Hill Creek, authorities revealed today. 

>> 'Hissing': Investigation into croc after kayaker's encounter

A Department of Environment and Heritage Protection spokesperson said the crocodile, outside designated "Croc Country" which ends at the Boyne River, is of particular concern as residents in the area haven't been educated about crocodile awareness. 

Agnes Water resident David Blount lodged a crocodile sighting report on Friday after his encounter while he was paddling on his kayak at Round Hill Creek.

WATCH: Agnes local tells of croc encounter

Department wildlife officers will start an investigation on Monday, in what they have described as an "important" report.

"This is particularly important if the sighting is south of the Boyne River, at Gladstone, which is considered the southern boundary of crocodile habitat and the normal range for crocodiles (known as "Croc Country")," a spokesperson for the department said. 

Any crocodile south of the Boyne River is targeted for capture and to relocate it.

"One of the main reasons for this is that people living outside Croc Country are not the focus of the department's extensive "CrocWise" public safety campaign and would not generally expect to see a crocodile in local waterways."

The last time a crocodile sighting was reported in Agnes Water was on November 12, 2010.

The unconfirmed report was made at Eurimbla Creek.

The area was surveyed by staff who found no evidence of a crocodile being in the area.

"Given the known range of this species, being north of the Boyne River, near Gladstone, the likelihood of an estuarine crocodile living in the wild in SEQ is extremely low," the report states.



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