HAVE YOU SEEN ME? This Evacool RF60 fridge freezer was stolen from an Inskip camp site.
HAVE YOU SEEN ME? This Evacool RF60 fridge freezer was stolen from an Inskip camp site. Contributed

Inskip fridge theft 'not bloody Australian'

A CALOUNDRA family has been left frustrated by the theft of a portable fridge from their Inskip camp site on the weekend.

Graham Briggs was camping at the S.S. Dorrigo site with his wife, sister-in-law and their dog when thieves made off with his Evacool fridge freezer on Friday night.

The theft happened sometime between 10pm and midnight and was discovered when their dog wanted to go out in the middle of the night.

"My sister-in-law walked out of the tent, and my fridge had gone,” Mr Briggs said.

Stored under a gazebo between the two tents, Mr Briggs believed there was more than one person involved as it had been freshly stocked before they went to bed.

"It was either a two-person lift or someone very big, because there was five bottles of wine in it probably, half a slab of beer, some coke, water, steak, sausage, bacon and eggs, vegetables and salad.”

He also said the thieves knew exactly what they were after.

"They actually walked past my solar panels that were out, and the Weber barbecue was right next to it.”


The food and drink was found dumped behind the dunes the next morning by another camper, and they were able to salvage their holiday by making a quick purchase at Rainbow Beach.

"Luckily we were only up there for the weekend because if we'd been up there for the week we'd have had to pack up and come home.”

Surrounded by soft sand and with the wind roaring in off the ocean, he said it was unsurprising the family had not heard anyone around.

While None of the other campers near where the food was dumped reported seeing or hearing anything either, Mr Briggs was very grateful over how helpful people had been.

"Everybody was great, everybody was really sympathetic,” he said.

"They were like 'It's just not camping, it's just not bloody Australian'.”

A regular camper at Inskip, Mr Briggs said stealing had never been a problem before and it would not deter him from returning.

However, he would be "more prepared” next time, whether that meant locking everything away at night, or simply chaining it all together.

"I can't keep affording to pay $1500 for a new fridge,” he said.

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