Police have been spotted on Southern Cross University's Lismore campus.
Police have been spotted on Southern Cross University's Lismore campus. Curtis Williams

Frightening phone call that triggered 4-hour lockdown at uni

UPDATE, 5.30pm: FEARS an active shooter was at Lismore's Southern Cross University campus have been shut down after a four-hour police lockdown.

Southern Cross University was locked down just after 1pm after reports a man was on the Lismore campus with a gun.

Lismore High School was also put into lockdown as local police and the tactical squad searched for the gunman.

Police lifted the lockdown just before 5pm and are investigating whether it was an "elaborate hoax" or there was some substance to the threats. 

NSW Police Acting Commissioner Wayne Humphrey said the area was safe and there were no guns found on the campus.

"Shortly after 1pm today a phone call was received at Casino Police Station and a male has made a number of threats in relation to activity around Southern Cross University at Lismore," he said.

"As a result of those calls, major police response was initiated with university security plan and the university was put into lock down.

Police are on scene at Southern Cross University, after the Lismore campus was placed into lockdown.
Police are on scene at Southern Cross University, after the Lismore campus was placed into lockdown. Rhys Harrison

"I am comfortable there is no current threat."

Act Comm Humphrey said police did not know who the man was or if he was on the campus.

He said the phone call to Casino Police Station went for some time allowing police negotiators to speak with him.

"It was a single phone call that went for some time, long enough for the police negotiator to converse with the male for some period," he said.

"Enquiries will determine if this was some elaborate hoax or had some substance.

"The lockdown is being lifted as we clear areas of the university that were at risk."


UPDATE, 5.20pm: A BUILDING by building evacuation of Southern Cross University's Lismore campus is currently under way.

Staff members and students are being asked to follow all police directions.

The campus itself is still under police control.

One relieved staff member was heard to say: "Now that it's finally over, I feel like I could cry."

Staff were shocked to see the large numbers of police officers surrounding the university campus.


UPDATE 4pm: LISMORE SCU nursing student Dylan Bradmore said several students were "stuck in the library" for more than half an hour amid reports of a gunman on campus.

"Eventually the cops came in and let us out. That part was pretty scary," he said.

"I was in the library the whole time."

Mr Bradmore said he was "told nothing" and was turning to Google to see what was happening. 

UPDATE, 3.30pm: POLICE have been spotted strategically placed around campus, as the lockdown continues.

Rhys Harrison, who is currently in lockdown with about 60 people, has been told to get his stuff by police.

"We are being moved somewhere else," he said.

Meanwhile, Shaun King said he was working out at the gym at the time of the lockdown.

"Me and a group of staff are stuck in the gym auditorium," he said.

"We were in the middle of a class when we were told that we needed to lock ourselves inside and keep away from the windows.

"I'm not sure exactly what is going on, there seems to be a large police and swat presence."


Original story: WITH Southern Cross University Lismore Campus in lockdown, many rumours are flying as to what has created havoc this this afternoon.

A SCU student locked in one area has confirmed he's heard reports there's at least one shooter on campus.

Rhys Harrison said he's currently in lockdown with about 60 people.

"We haven't heard any gun shots," he said.

"The stress level seems pretty high but no one is panicking.

"I've heard it's an escaped mental patient with two or one other armed persons.

"We've just heard another rumour that its cautionary because there was a big money exchange set here."

Mr Harrison said there was a lot of people on campus today.

"We have class all day and most of my cohort are in the classroom but I was late," he said.

"I think most of the osteo cohort and environment students are here as well. It's usually a busy day here at uni."

Another student, Angus Field, said he was also locked in the area.

"We're all bundled up in one area on the floor," he said.

Mr Field said he's heard it's all threats by the police.

Mr Harrison is also hearing similar reports.

"A policeman just said that they have just had threats that the gunman is (here)... hence why they had to put us all in one spot," he said.

"This could still all be a g-up."

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