Infrastructure fee nightmare

A SUGGESTION by the State Government to defer up front and full payment of infrastructure fees and have developers pay them as blocks of land sell, would be "an administrative nightmare" according to planning and development committee chairman councillor Ian Petersen.

"Council would need to have someone dedicated to see when a sale was made.

"If we (council) were the banker, that would have an impact on rates and if the State Government was the banker we would have to administer the scheme.

"At the time of approval, we get the money but if it's coming in dribs and drabs there is not enough to do anything with.

"They (State Government) think by introducing more legislation it will fix the problem, but they do not think it through."

Council director of planning and development Mike Hartley would prepare a letter to State Government seeking no change to the current legislation. "Whatever changes they make will add costs to the process," he said.

A workshop about the proposed changes came up with a number of options and Cr Petersen said while "some sound attractive on the surface" they would not make land prices cheaper.

Also discussed and approved at the meeting was a 44-residential lot application which includes a balance area around the existing caravan park at Carlo Point, Rainbow Beach.

The lots range in size from 600m2 or 852m2 and are proposed as three-stage development.

A new road is to be opened along the eastern and northern boundaries of the lot in addition to an internal circuit. The developer proposes to retain the existing caravan park on one parcel of 3.74 hectares and a balance area of 1.22 hectares.

A number of conditions accompanied the recommendation for approval including that all lots be permanently numbered with reflective numbers on kerbs; Energex to provide electricity to lots without any financial encumbrance on future owners; three alternative road names to be submitted for council's consideration for new roads; water metres and services to be installed to lots approved by this permit; kerb and channel on both sides of all new roads within the development and; future residential buildings on approved lots to have minimum habitable floor level of 2.75m.

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