Hoopers Rd speed limit increased

RESIDENTS living along Hoopers Road in Curra are angry Gympie Regional Council raised the speed limit of the road to 80kmh after cars were found repeatedly speeding along it.

A petition to reduce the limit back to 60kmh, signed by 61 residents, has been received by council.

Councillors remained silent on the topic at a meeting last week and voted in favour of a recommendation to refer the petition to a committee meeting.

A letter accompanying the petition written by a member of the public, who cannot be named due to new privacy laws, revealed council had raised the speed limit along the road in June this year.

No residents were consulted regarding the speed limit change, the letter went on to say.

When the writer questioned a council member by phone, they were shocked to learn that due to a high number of speeding cars – averaging 25kmh above the 60kmh limit – council had decided to increase the speed limit.

“It was unbelievable. I had to ask the member of the council to repeat his statement,” the letter writer said.

“Conclusion: the speeding, road rage, law disregarding, dangerous drivers are supported by the council! We humble, law-obliging citizens are not important.”

The writer went onto ask why council did not alert the police and demand their involvement.

“Where are the speed bumps? Who allowed the semi-trailers to use a poorly maintained Hoopers Road? When was, if ever, this three-kilometre-long road assessed?”

When the petitioner knocked on neighbours' doors the reaction to the decision to up the speed limit was anger, disappointment and a feeling of not being valued, the letter said.

The writer also said residents' mental and emotional stress had increased as they worried about children using the road.

Gympie Times

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