Inattention a major crash cause

RESIDENTS are more likely to be injured in a traffic crash around town than on the highway, police records reveal.

Gympie Police District Superintendent Chris Sang said there had been nearly 40 crashes causing injuries so far this year in the region. He said most of these were in built-up areas.

"The majority of traffic crashes in the region happen in residential areas," he said.

"They resonate around and out from the centre of town and are not necessarily on the highway and in high-speed zones as people think.

"While they do happen, a crash causing injury is more likely to occur in and around the CBD.

"Same goes for the district's other towns - Kingaroy and Nanango."

Traffic crashes and in particular crashes causing injury, are a major cost to the community and reducing injury and fatality crashes is a priority for the Queensland Police Service, which does regular research to understanding what is happening on the roads.

To reduce the number of crashes, QPS focuses on enforcement, engineering and education.

While police actively target drink driving and speeding, in most cases, they are not a cause. Supt Sang said he found it was inattention to driving, including not driving to the road conditions and failing to comply with general road rules.

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