Imbil fire a timely reminder

IT'S out of the way and not threatening homes; that's probably why we haven't heard a lot about the Imbil bushfire.

However, given its size, it's something we need to take note of.

As of Saturday, the fire had already devastated 12,000 hectares, or 120 square kilometres of bushland.

To give you an idea of the scale involved, that's roughly the area you'd cover if you drew a box from Mooloolaba to Caloundra, covering all the land between the coast and the Bruce Highway.

Obviously no bushfire could burn through the Coast's built- up areas like that. The Imbil fire has gotten so big because it is so remote.

Still, it's a timely reminder that we are now firmly in bushfire season and there are many urban and semi-urban parts of the Coast that incorporate or abut sections of bushland that can burn just as easily as the Imbil State Forest and the Conondale National Park.

Every year firefighters issue warnings about the approaching bushfire season in the hope people living in areas that could be at risk from bushfires will step up and do what they can to minimise those risks.

At the very least, that involves making a decision ahead of time as to whether, in the event of a fire, you are going to get out and hope for the best or stay and fight to protect your home.

Staying to fight a fire involves preparation. So does making a decision on whether to leave. The Rural Fire Service has a section of its website designed to help you decide. Check it out at Kpeh306ku6T.

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