IKEA creates kitchens for Abbott, Rudd in cheeky ad

SWEDISH furniture giant IKEA has come up with two kitchens it claims are "fit for a PM" in a bid to capitalise on interest in the upcoming election.

The tongue-in-cheek ads take a friendly dig at the leaders of the major political parties, Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd.

IKEA's marketing department clearly had a lot of fun designing the kitchens around the traits and idiosyncrasies - either real or imagined - of the respective leaders.

"With less than two weeks until polling day, the battle for the top job continues, and IKEA Australia has offered some timely home furnishing inspiration for Australia's would-be PMs, Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott, should either feel the need for a re-design inside The Lodge," the IKEA online ad reads.

The Abbutt is described as a "traditional IKEA kitchen concept that has been updated with a recent 'modern' makeover".

Included among the kitchen's many "features" is a frame containing a photo of Mr Abbott's idol John Howard, a chalkboard to "strategically place punchy three-word slogans around the kitchen", a large sink to practise "turning back the boats" and a large bin ideal for scrapping "food remains, carbon taxes, mining taxes and any other kitchen waste".

IKEA says it drew inspiration for the Ruddik from "designs and accessories popular in the late noughties".

Just about every stereotype associated with Mr Rudd is accounted for in the ad, including a large swear jar for people "guilty of occasional bad word slip", a paper-friendly bin perfect for disposing of a "sudden overspill of 'Gyll a rd' policies", an extraction fan to ensure there is no "whiff of political expediency" and an area to house laptops, tablets and mobile phones to "share your LOL and FML moments on Twitter and Instagram".

Predictably the design also makes much of Mr Rudd being cut down as leader in 2010, including reference to a large knife rack that "keeps knives in the open ... to avoid being stabbed in the back".

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