Gympie Cr Dan Stewart.
Gympie Cr Dan Stewart. Renee Albrecht

'If this is the best we can expect what is the worst?'


IF THIS is the best we can expect what's the worst?

Re Cr Dan Stewart's letter The Gympie Times, Saturday, October 15, "Doing Their Best”.

Your letter shows how out of touch with reality you really are.

The Gympie community is better informed than you seem to be considering your simplistic and rambling view of the situation.

To tell us that it is not easy to divide the world into black and white, good and bad, right and wrong may be a suitable line to use in your day job, however using this line on educated mature adults is nonsense.

When you refer to judgements and reports, I assume you are referring to the actions of our current CEO. Who are the relevant people to whom you have spoken? Is it the person who implemented these actions or the people who were so badly affected?

I would have thought that noting your position and experience as a case worker for child services, you would have discussed the issues with all parties concerned. Did you do this?

The CEO in his previous and current positions was instrumental in leading actions which have had significant impact on the lives of people including Deputy Mayor Paul Nichols of Livingstone Council in NSW, Jill Promnitz, Mike Hartley and Ian Petersen of Gympie Regional Council, and to-date it has not stopped. Who will be next? These people were all cleared of the accusations made against them.

Do you have any idea what these people and their families went through? I doubt it and you try to tell us it is not easy to apportion right and wrong.

The judgements made clearly show there is right and wrong. I suggest that it may be more productive for you to devote your time to finding out the truth about Bob Fredman's sudden departure and if you are such a stickler for basing your decisions on evidence, why don't you put your skills to work and get to the bottom of his demise instead of inflicting your patronising comments on those who have been wronged?

We need to obtain justice for all by working to change the Local Government Act which gives mayors and unelected CEOs far too much control and which has and is being abused by many councils in this state.

Wake up Dan. You are being played by people who are able to use the LGA in their favour and are very adept at pulling the wool over the eyes of gullible people.

Ross Caulfield,

Barter St,

Gympie Times

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