DECISION: Abby Wake is disappointed with Trump.
DECISION: Abby Wake is disappointed with Trump. Renee Albrecht

'I think the world will be very dark for a while' USA ex-pat

IT JUST goes to show that you can never count your chickens before they have hatched.

And given the American presidential result you can never trust the polls.

It is hard for most residents in the Gympie area to put in context the gravity of this political decision, but not for Abby Wake.

The American ex-pat who has established a home in the gold city knows exactly how significant a decision this is.

"To be honest, I am disappointed," Ms Wake told the Gympie Times yesterday after the decision was passed.

"I am sad, he (Trump) brings people down, that is now the person who is going to be in office.

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Ms Wake, who is originally from the Trump heartland of Kansas spent 10 years in California before relocating to Australia.

She says that while Hillary Clinton was far from perfect, Trump's controversial campaign marginalised people.

"I will be honest, I did not love Hillary Clinton," Ms Wake said.

"But Trump is someone who is going to be taking care of the free world - people have their own views."

In an upset victory for the business magnate turned reality TV star turned politician, Trump was every bit the showman throughout a long and brutal presidential campaign.

He will now take the reigns as the 45th president of the United States meaning the Clinton political dynasty may be over.

However, Ms Wake, along with thousands of others is concerned for what the Trump administration can offer not only America, but also the world.

"I think the world will be very dark for a while.

"I feel scared for what the future may hold."

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