'I found a snake in my bed': elderly woman's fright

AN ELDERLY woman was frightened after waking up to find a snake in her bed last night.

The Highfields woman, who lives on her own and asked to remain anonymous, woke up feeling hot about midnight.

"I was kicking at the blankets," she said.

Suddenly she realised she was not alone in the bed.

"I had a light bulb moment. I sensed that something wasn't right," she said.

When she switched on the light she felt something go over her foot.

She looked down and there was a huge snake.

"There was a great pile of it," she said.

The huge snake was stretched across her bed.

"I'm sure it was at least 6ft long," the woman said.

She moved "rather smartly" down stairs and spent the night in another room.

When she checked in the morning to see if the snake was still there, there was absolutely no sign of it.

"I don't know if it's still in the house, or if it went out the same way it came in," she said.

"I still don't know how it got inside.

"I was concerned, I thought, I have to get out of here."

The woman contacted The Chronicle after reading yesterday's story about increased snake activity in the region.

She's unsure what type of snake it was.

In other snake news a woman in her late 30s was transported in a stable condition to Dalby Hospital after reportedly being bitten by a snake in Curtis St just before 10pm last night.

Queensland Ambulance Service paramedics have been called to more than 500 snake bite cases already this year.

With snakes and people becoming more active as summer approaches, paramedics are warning residents to be on the lookout for snakes and know what to do if bitten.

West Moreton Chief Superintendent Drew Hebbron said paramedics see an increase in snake bites at this time of year.

"Queensland is home to some of the most dangerous species of snakes, including the Eastern brown and the Red-bellied black snake, and all are capable of delivering a lethal bite," he said.

"West Moreton paramedics have attended about 50 snake bite cases in 2016 and are expecting a spike in incidents as the weather warms up."

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