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Mother of slain teen shows courage

THE mother of Jackson Bradey, 15, fatally stabbed to death on a Gympie street in November 27, 2009, holds no malice towards the then 16-year-old who took her son's life, or his family.

Tammy Bradey said she does "not hate this young man" who on October 18 was sentenced to life imprisonment for her son's murder and felt nothing but compassion for his family, saying "we have both lost our sons".

Jackson's family members declined to comment after the sentence was handed down but Ms Bradey this week put her thoughts in a letter to The Gympie Times.

"I am Jackson Bradey's mother and I would like to give my opinion on the sentencing of the young man who took my son's life," she said.

"This young man was only 16 when he committed the crime and in the eyes of the law he is still a child at that age.

"Fifteen years life detention minus the time already served is a fair sentence.

"I sat behind this young man in the court room and he showed no remorse for anything he had done.

"He will have time to reflect on his wrongs, the disappointment he has brought his family and that one act that brought our community to a stand still.

"I don't blame the family, they tried everything they could to stop him from leaving the house that day.

"I don't hate this young man but I am thankful that he has been sentenced and will finally get to take a long hard look at himself and hopefully he will take advantage of the resources that will be available to him.

"I feel these resources, if they were so readily available to him in his younger years, he wouldn't be where he is today.

"After the sentencing was handed down and we were in the foyer, I embraced his mother.

"She apologised to me for what her son had done.

"I wiped a tear from her cheek and I said 'don't blame yourself, we have both lost our sons'.

"My life will now move on, as hard as it is going to be but I will try to live my life and be the mother that Jackson would have wanted me to be."

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