Car smashes into petrol bowser

Damage: The scene of the crash yesterday.
Damage: The scene of the crash yesterday. Renee Pilcher

“A LOUD bang” got Brisbane truck driver Ron Barber out of the bunk in his truck, which was parked at the Golden Nugget Truck Stop yesterday afternoon, when a yellow Hyundai Getz drove through a petrol bowser.

Mr Barber wasn't the only one to hear the bang; a man filling up his tank at a near-by bowser was frightened when the Getz hit the back of his 440 Horizon outboard.

The drive, a 60-year-old man from Victoria, was treated for minor injuries at the scene and picked up by relatives from Hervey Bay afterwards; he was the only one in the car.

Gympie Firefighter Lee Fitzpatrick said the man lost control, hit the bowser then hit the motor on a near-by boat and bounced off into the wall of the service station.

Luckily no one was in the path of the vehicle when it entered the fuel station.

The hire car's front and front right-hand side were severely damaged in the crash.

The damage costs are expected to reach into the $50,000 mark, with the bowser completely wiped out, the boats motor damaged, the damage to the wall and the Getz.

Gold Nugget manager Ken Lavender said from his perspective the staff at the truck stop had done a great job in quickly turning off the power to the bowser, making the area safe and calling in the emergency services.

He said staff were also quick to mop up the small amount of petrol that was spilt.

“I am glad to see the customers are all safe and no one was injured,” he said.

Mr Lavender said he would endeavour to get the damage fixed as soon as possible and the one remaining pump would only be off line for an hour.

Reports from the scene suggested the Getz's driver left the highway and couldn't control the steering of the vehicle or its speed and was unable to stop sliding toward the bowser.

Gympie police are investigating.

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