It’s that time of year again.
It’s that time of year again.

Huge discounts still on Click Frenzy

Online sales event Click Frenzy has reduced the glitches that have plagued its "mayhem" campaign in previous years and is on track to smash its sales record, the company says.

The annual sales event, which began last night at 7pm and will continue through to midnight tonight, has experienced a 45 per cent lift in traffic through to retailers at the halfway point compared with the same time last year.

The sales campaign offers deals across a range of categories, including travel, fashion, electronics and homewares. And there are a number of the "Go Nuts" items selling for 99 per cent discount.

Shoppers can still snap up a Sony 65" UHD LED Smart TV for $17, a MacBook Air for $14 and a Roomba Robot Vacuum for $6.


A new MacBook Air for $14.
A new MacBook Air for $14.


The sales figures won't be available for a number of days, but managing director Grant Arnott said he was confident the significant jump in online activity would translate to a new record.

"We're really pleased with that considering it's the fifth year of 'mayhem', you expect growth but not like that," he told

"It's definitely the best we've ever done.

"From our perspective, it shows that the appetite for these types of online shopping events is still strong, growing, shoppers love it, and retailers are doing an exceptional job now of coming to the table with really good deals."


You must be logged into your Click Frenzy account through the event.
You must be logged into your Click Frenzy account through the event.

Click Frenzy has faced significant criticism in the past for website failures and glitches.

Last year, subscribers were expecting to receive "clues" to direct them towards those crazy deals by 6.45pm, but many frustrated shoppers took to Twitter to vent after their emails apparently failed to show up in their inbox.

"No email. Waste of time," one bargain hunter wrote on Twitter at 6.56pm.

"Click Frenzy is delaying once again in sending e-mails to its subscribers," another wrote just after 7pm.

A cleaning robot for $6.
A cleaning robot for $6.

This year the company prioritised the functionality of the website, which Mr Arnott said was allowing the annual sales event to push for record traffic and sales figures.

"Full credit to our team, they've worked really hard to make sure we execute this event flawlessly," he said.

"It's no secret that we've had issues in the past, and people don't realise that we're actually a really small team, so I'm really pleased with how everything has come together.

"It's very clear that smooth technology and an error-free event makes for a good shopper experience. They'll tell other people, and it's evident in the traffic volumes that we're seeing."

But consumer advocacy group Choice issued a warning to shoppers ahead of the sales event, encouraging buyers not to be sucked in by the dramatic discounts.

"It's easy to get caught up in the hype of a seemingly irresistible deal, but when it comes to any kind of sale, we recommend exercising caution and ensuring you know your rights," the group's managing editor Margaret Rafferty said.

"Click Frenzy uses every trick in the book to get you to spend money, but there are clear rules for advertising sales and specials.

"A quick search online will show you hundreds of people angry and upset about past Click Frenzy sales, and the ACCC makes it clear that misleading pricing won't be tolerated."


• Queen Size Mattresses courtesy of MyDeal - $1

• Samsung Galaxy Bud In Ear Bluetooth - $2

• $200 Click Frenzy Visa cards - $2

• Sony 65" UHD LED Smart TV - $17

• Sodastream - $1

• LG Soundbar - $4

• Roomba Robot Vacuum - $6

• MacBook Air - $14


• Bose Headphones up to 50 per cent off

• 70 per cent off Sheridan

• Ikea up to 50 per cent off

• MyDeal huge sitewide smartphone sale

• Oroton up to 90 per cent off

• Sony 55 per cent off OLED TVs


While there will be a huge range of discounts available during the sale, the chances of scoring one of Click Frenzy Mayhem's coveted 99-per-cent-off deals are slim.

Anyone can access the sale from 7pm AEST Tuesday until midnight AEST tonight.

This year, the process to secure a 99 per cent off deal will be slightly different:

1. You must be logged into your Click Frenzy account during the event.

2. Logged in users will receive a notification each time a Go Nuts deal goes live. This notification will include a question you will need to answer within 30 minutes.

3. If you are successful, you will receive an email from Click Frenzy with a unique discount code to complete your purchase at a 99 per cent discount.

4. You must complete your purchase before the end of the Click Frenzy event.

Tip from the company: Check all the emails you receive from Click Frenzy during the event. These will reveal the approximate time the notification for each Go Nuts deal will be sent.

Other tips include:

1. Turn off ad blockers if you use them. You need this off to see the pop-up banner that will trigger the product page. You will also need to refresh your page regularly to make sure you don't miss it.

2. Only Mastercard and Visa will be accepted. Click Frenzy recommends putting your preferred settings for payments in your browser's autofill to speed up the process. Afterpay and Shopback will be available this year as well.

3. It's a maximum of one item per user per household for the whole 24 hours, so pick what you want most. Once you've scored a bargain, you're out of the hunt until the next event.

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