How Wide Bay voted in the postal survey

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WITH the nationwide postal survey on same-sex marriage resulting in a 61.6% 'Yes' vote, a closer look at the data shows how Gympie and the Wide Bay Region responded.

Results from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that 83, 572 residents across Wide Bay responded to the survey, with 46,507 providing a 'Yes Vote'.

Turn-out was high in the Wide Bay, with 79% of the electorate taking part.

That totals around 55.6% of the electorate, with 37,065 casting a 'No Vote' instead.

Further examination of the data reveals some interesting trends for the region.

Easily the highest responding demographic was the '65 years and over' section, with 28,614 responses, bucking the national trend of younger participants being the most present.

More women than men responded by a small margin, 81% to 78%.


Total responses: 83,891 (79%)

Male responses: 39,727 (78%)

Female responses: 43, 689 (81%)

18-24 years: 5,238 (67%)

25-34 years: 7,200 (66%)

35-44 years: 9,922 (71%)

45-54 years: 14,258 (78%)

55-64 years: 18, 184 (84%)

65+ years: 28,614 (89%)

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