Aesthete Film and Photography's Jazmyn Smith
Aesthete Film and Photography's Jazmyn Smith Scott Kovacevic

Aesthete is telling the story of your special day

TO call Aesthete Film and Photography's first year a runaway success would be a disservice to the talent and hard work Gympie duo Jazmyn Smith and Bella Haman have put into their business.

Valentines Day marks 12 months since the venture was launched, with Aesthete providing a uniquely crafted and tailored approach to wedding photography.

"We're trying to create films and photographs that are maybe a little bit more artistic than your standard professional wedding photography," Ms Smith said.

"It's choices in the colour grading we use, but we're also trying to tell a really romantic narrative - which is usually pretty handy for weddings."

The stereotypical view of wedding photography is to provide a document of the day, while Aesthete is aiming for something more ambitious.

With a background in writing, Ms Smith said storytelling is the goal - to provide something more cinematic than bridesmaids and grooms-men standing in a line and smiling for the camera.

Aesthete (pronounced ess-theet, as the author found out after mispronouncing it mere seconds into the interview) refers to an individual who is 'appreciative of and sensitive to art and beauty'.

A glimpse at the work of both Ms Smith (the videographer) and Ms Haman (the photographer) shows an attempt to strip away any artifice and present something intimate and genuine.

On their website, the promotional video also shows hushed moments in between the ceremony - a gown being prepared, a close-up of the couples hands with newly placed rings.

It's an approach that's worked wonders for the nascent business, with over 20 events in 2017.

For Ms Smith it was an opportunity to tailor her approach too, initially spending long 'brutal' days at venues - now no longer over-planning and enjoying moments of spontaneity.

"Now I can actually relax when I can see there's time to relax," she said.

The addition of Ms Haman to the team has also helped - broadening the services of Aesthete and providing a welcome helping hand.

It turns out the recruitment of the talented Gympie high-schooler was a serendipitous moment.

"I was asked to do something at Gympie High about photography and Bella's teacher showed me her Instagram," Ms Smith said.

"It was really cool and I thought 'how is this girl in Gympie?', so I promptly swept her up and made her sign a contract so now she's mine."

With a number of established photographers in Gympie already, the business has managed to sidestep the hustle of competition in a small town and been ready and willing to travel.

It's seen them travel both across Queensland and interstate.

And with two new staff members on the way, 27 bookings in place for 2018 and a trip to New Zealand planned for 2019, business is booming.

If you would like to contact or find out more about Aesthete's services, you can find their website here.

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