Councillor Glen Hartwig, Division 2.
Councillor Glen Hartwig, Division 2. Renee Albrecht

How councillors rate their achievements - Glen Hartwig, Division 2

LAST week we reminded Gympie region councillors, along with ourselves and our readers, what our representatives told us before we voted them in just over a year ago.

Now we publish what they say now about the ideals and values they expressed then.

Of 30 eager candidates who faced voters at the last Gympie Regional Council poll, there were only places for nine in the chamber (eight divisional councillors and the mayor).

They were answering questions which seemed at the time to sum up what people were asking us and which we had heard raised from the floor at candidates' forums.

The questions which we think retain the most continuing importance are:

1. What do you rate as the three top priorities for the current Gympie Regional Council?

2. What facilities and services does the Gympie region need more of?

3. What is your position on rates?

Their earlier answers told us what kind of candidates they were and what they stood for. One year on, their comments tell us how they think they and the council are going in achieving their objectives.

We continue the series with Cr Glen Hartwig, Division 2...


Q1. I have been vocal and expressed my views regarding the openness, appropriateness of some of the decisions made by council particularly with the Fredman matter.  I am someone who clearly would like to restore the communities faith in council and my actions attest to this.   

Q2. Progress has been made with the equestrian Centre.  Council should bee looking to spend money on items that have a positive cash flow effect.

Q3.  I look at rates as not what i pay but whether i feel i get value for money.  For those that live out side of the bitumen roads of Gympie it may seem that you are not.  Liveability is the catch word of the moment.  Whilst we pour money into Gympie to make it more liveable those who live outside have to deal with the impost of roads that are rough and need repair.  This does not make the rural areas as liveable and effects Gympie's growth prospects.  It is a balancing act that i feel council has tipped in favour of one particular area at the moment.  Budget time will be the appropriate moment to hopefully rebalance the scales.


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