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Hotel workers face bleak times

WORKERS at Gympie’s once lucrative Freemasons Hotel have been underpaid many thousands of dollars because of wrongly withheld superannuation payments and now face the bleak prospect of having to pay their tax twice as well, a former employee said yesterday.

Ex-manager Kylie Sutton is among angry former and current employees who have been told that super and possibly tax instalments, supposedly deducted from their pay, have not been passed on to the taxation office.

And nor have their or their employer’s superannuation payments.

This is despite pay slips given to staff indicating that the deductions and contributions have been made.

While the hotel is owned by a company associated with a Gold Coast millionaire, previously fined over a major New South Wales fair trading breach, Freemasons staff have been paid by another company, which is now in liquidation.

Ms Sutton yesterday was advised (in the presence of The Gympie Times) by liquidator Vincent Chartered Partners, that the company she worked for, Pubco Personnel, is in liquidation and that staff “should be calling the ATO to make sure PAYE has been paid.”

She said she finished with the Freemasons on March 5 this year and her last pay slip, for the period from March 1 to 7, stated that tax and superannuation had been paid.

“We contacted the ATO more than a year ago and they did nothing.

“We only found out that the company was in liquidation because I asked,” a worried Ms Sutton said yesterday.

“We can’t afford this. We’ve got kids and there’s nothing there,” she said.

“I’m owed nearly $8000 and I’m not alone in that. Since November last year we’ve been paid in cash and not into our bank accounts. The last time the super was paid was on June 26, 2008 and that was for October, 2007,” she said.

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