Hospital’s practices queried by nurses

QUEENSLAND Nurses Union secretary Beth Mohle has confirmed there are concerns over certain practices at the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital.

After the death in March of patient James Hitchins, who was in his 90s, at the hospital, the ABC reported a former senior manager had revealed she had been told insufficient staffing had led to the man's death.

Ms Mohle said concerns had been raised by union members about certain aspects of the hospital, but that the same fears were held for aged care across the state.

"We have got some concerns that our members have highlighted with us about the skill mix and insufficient numbers (of staff) at the hospital," she said.

"But we've also got concerns about the quality of care and safety in private hospitals generally."

A coroner's review into the patient's death was reported to have cleared the University Private Hospital of any wrongdoing and found the hospital had correctly identified and attempted to manage the fall-risk Mr Hitchins posed.

Mr Hitchins died in hospital the day after being operated on for a fall at the hospital, the ABC reported.

He broke his hip in the fall.

Ms Mohle encouraged all QNU members to contact their local representative immediately if they had any concerns for patient welfare or a lack of resourcing of nurses.

"What we're seeing right now is the pressure on the bottom line is reducing the quality of care," she said.

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