Horror end to daily walk

Helen King and her dog Bill were the victims of a savage attack by two staffordshire bull terriers yesterday morning.
Helen King and her dog Bill were the victims of a savage attack by two staffordshire bull terriers yesterday morning. Bev Lacey

FRIENDS Dorothy Mills and Helen King will not be lacing up their walking shoes anytime soon after both women fell victim to a savage and unprovoked attack by two staffordshire bull terriers yesterday morning.

The women were only moments into their daily walk when they were attacked on Wine Dve at Wilsonton shortly after 7.30am.

Both women said yesterday that the two dogs came from nowhere before savagely attacking their much-loved pets Charlie and Bill.

In the ensuing melee, Ms Mills, 65, was bitten several times on the arm and leg after attempting to protect her little dog Charlie.

"It happened very quickly. It was just a horrific thing to witness," Ms Mills said.

"I honestly though my little Charlie was a goner.

"He took the full brunt of the attack and will be extremely sore for at least the next week," she said.

Ms Mills was transported to Toowoomba Hospital as a precaution by the Queensland Ambulance Service and was still visibly distressed when recalling the events to The Chronicle yesterday afternoon.

"My hand and arm are still very sore. The wounds are quite deep where they sank their teeth into me," she said.

"There are some savage dogs in this area.

"Something really needs to be done about it. My incident is one of many that have occurred in this area.

"I dread to think what would have happened if it was a little child and mother walking down the street," she said.

Her friend and neighbour Ms King said she was still terrified and shaken by yesterday's ordeal.

"I did not even see where the dogs came from," Ms King said.

"The next thing I knew they were attacking our little dogs and then turned onto Dorothy.

"A man who was driving along and witnessed everything pulled over and scared the dogs off before coming to help us both.

"I was shaking like a leaf. The whole experience was very terrifying and extremely upsetting," she said.

Both women said they would think twice about embarking on their morning ritual again.

"We have been going for a walk in the morning with each other for as long as I can remember.

"It is something we both look forward to," Ms King said.

"I am not a mean person, but those dogs should be destroyed and the owners held accountable.

"I am absolutely terrified now and will not be venturing out for a walk again anytime soon," she said.

It is understood that the two dogs were later captured along with a third dog by Toowoomba Regional Council Animal Management.

Investigations into the incident are continuing.

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