Hopper claims bullying by former LNP mates

MEMBER for Condamine Ray Hopper has complained to the Anti-Discrimination-Commission about bullying he says he has been subjected to by his former LNP colleagues.

The Katter's Australian Party leader said the legislation passed to take party status from Katter's Australian Party last year was the basis of his complaint.

"I'm going to fight this until we get party status for Katter's Australian Party," Mr Hopper said.

He was not surprised by the treatment he had received from the government since defecting from its ranks in November last year.

"They were moving against me when I was still in the LNP because I was too outspoken.

"They have kicked me out of my office.

"They put me in a storeroom that had public access.

"It was to try to starve us of resources."

The ramifications of not having party status meant he could not have paid staff.

"We have three MPs who have to go through every piece of legislation.

"If we had the resources to do research on legislation we could perform a lot better."

He said the party was relying on family members and volunteers to aid them.

Meanwhile, he said he had "no idea" when a decision would be made on whether or not he would stand for a seat in the Senate.

He said the Katter's Australian Party was due to hold a board meeting tomorrow.

"Whoever goes for that Senate seat has to attract another 100,000 votes on what we got in the State Election."

The LNP has dismissed Mr Hopper's bullying claims.

A media report quoted LNP Deputy Leader Jeff Seeney saying it was a bit hard to discriminate against Ray Hopper when he kept changing his political identity.

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