Hoon cars go under the hammer

ELEVEN cars confiscated from serial hooners in the state's south-east will go under the hammer on the Gold Coast.

The vehicles up for grabs have been confiscated by police over the past month from problem drivers, including drunk, speeding and unlicensed motorists.

A number of illegally-modified vehicles also make up the confiscated pool.

The cars will go to auction on the Gold Coast on Wednesday.

Police Minister Jack Dempsey said the hooning crackdown would continue.

"Each one of these vehicles has been taken away from a repeat offender who was caught either driving an unregistered or uninsured vehicle, driving whilst unlicensed or disqualified, drink driving with a blood alcohol content above 0.15% or failing to supply a specimen to police," he said.

"They have also been impounded from hoons and people driving illegally modified vehicles."

As it stands, drivers caught hooning for the first time will have their vehicle impounded for 48 hours.

But Mr Dempsey wants to see first-time hooners have their cars clamped for three months and risk having their prized vehicle crushed or sold for any subsequent offence committed in the following five years.

"We will also allow police to issue an infringement notice for a type two pre-impoundment offence rather than having to proceed by way of a notice to appear in court or an arrest," he said.

The vehicle auction will kick of at 10am on Wednesday at Nationwide Towing and Transport, 12 Industrial Ave, Molendinar.

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