Hockey players battle rain

GYMPIE Hockey has battled the elements to get a brand new season off the ground with its primary and secondary school competitions.

Two months of constant rain has played havoc with the club's attempts to get the month-long competitions to completion.

Club publicity officer Tony Mills said the primary school competition had been directly affected by the wet weather.

"The (competition) sadly missed out on a couple of rounds due to the rain but it was great to see so many faces take to the field to get their first taste of hockey," he said.

When players have been able to take to the field, Mills has been impressed by the players' form.

"We have some very talented young players coming through the primary school age groups this year and expect to see plenty of them making representative teams as the season progresses."

The winning team for the primary school competition was South Blue, going undefeated. Meanwhile, the secondary competition has given rise to many great battles.

"With school pride on the line, there's been some terrific hockey," Mills said.

Emerging winners are James Nash in the boys' division while the school is also leading the girls' division.

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