Scott Hoare with fiance Angie Minucos.
Scott Hoare with fiance Angie Minucos. Contributed

Hoare 'blown away' by support after horrific injury

PARALYSED in a swimming accident at a Coogee beach, Scott Hoare knew he would need the support of his friends to help him recover.

What he did not expect, however, was the level of support he has received from people he did not know: of the more than 2000 people following his Facebook blog, he said, only 240 of them were friends.

"The sheer number of people who have gotten involved has blown me away," he said.

"Honestly the support that I've received from people all around the world has been the biggest factor in my positive recovery thus far.

"Seeing that I have so many amazing people, some I know and many I don't, that are willing to go out of their way to donate, comment, share and support my story has really humbled me," he said. The support has done more than lift his spirits though.

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It will also have a huge impact on his future, with more than $69,000 (which the site lists as $52,000US) donated to help his rehabilitation through

His recovery continues to move in a positive direction, with Mr Hoare reporting he has not only sensation down the front, back and left side of his torso and in his arms and hands, as well as patches of feeling in parts of his left leg and both feet.

The blog itself had also been a boon, he said, especially since he did not think of himself as a writer.

"Being able to express exactly how I'm feeling while I'm feeling it has really helped me be aware of my thoughts and feelings," he said.

"People really seem to be resonating with the raw and honest nature of my writing and if others can take something positive from my experiences, I don't mind being the one paying the bill."

Despite the strides he has been making in his rehabilitation, Mr Hoare said his prognosis was still unknown.

"The thing about spinal cord injuries is that every single one is different.

"There is no case study or individual that can predict the direction of my recovery."

While he said the initial prognosis was "grim", his ability to achieve a new goal of performing a task he was unable to the day before has played a key part in his recovery.


Former Gympie resident Scott Hoare in a neck brace.
Former Gympie resident Scott Hoare in a neck brace. Contributed

His physical rehabilitation goals were not the only force driving him, though.

"I want to thank every single person for their love, prayers and kind words in this trying time," he said.

"I can't express how much it means and I can't wait to make everyone super proud."

To help, Mr Hoare's friends have organised a fundraising night at Club 88 on February 3.

Donations can also be made through, #liftwithscott help a coach move again.

His progress can also be followed on his Facebook blog Lift with Scott.

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