Hit back at high prices

THE economy is biting hard and budgets are being stretched close to breaking point as Gympie residents continue to chip away at rising costs of living.

And with the Federal Government's carbon tax soon to be unleashed, finding extra ways to save is crucial.

The Gympie Times has teamed up with a number of top local businesses to offer shoppers a variety of great specials with its Daily Deals campaign.

To cash in on the savings, readers need to pick up a copy of Wednesday's Gympie Times and locate the Daily Deals coupons.

These coupons are redeemable at the corresponding businesses and represent cash back in your pocket.

The Daily Deals campaign ties in with The Gympie Times' Support Local initiative, highlighting the importance of shopping locally and helping to back the Gympie economy.

Many Gympie retailers offer great products and services right at consumers' fingertips - without the need for costly travel in the face of rising fuel costs.

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Gympie, we are in for a drenching

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