Nev McHarg
Nev McHarg

High level bridge link is needed

THE need for a high level bridge link between Gympie and the Southside has been further reinforced by the events of the last few days.

About half this city's population, much of it the area's workers, now live on the western side of the Mary River, and a serviceable bridge link is needed.

Both bridges that service the area across the river are about 50 years old and traffic volume to the area has increased markedly in that time.

Traffic volume across Kidd Bridge about a decade ago was such that it qualified for a dual lane carriageway to the area, yet still nothing has been done.

The need for an all-weather bridge and dual traffic lanes has now reached the critical stage. It's time the state and national authorities recognised this and did some thing about addressing the problem.

For too long, the regions have suffered from a lack of proper infrastructure while the metropolitan area and its needs are catered for.

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