GET organised and have people you can rely on - that's the key to juggling work and kids, according to Gympie working mums.

Australian Regional Media's web series Hey Mumma this week discussed balancing work and home life.

The Gympie Times spoke to four Gympie mothers to see how they coped with the busy life of the modern mum.

Caroline Vielle is a mother of two boys aged 10 and five years old.

"You need a big support system around you to be able to juggle working and the kids," she said.

She said her sons' day carer was incredibly helpful whenever she needed to work late.

"I have the best day care mum in the world," she said.

She said she was lucky to have an understanding workplace that allowed her to be flexible in emergencies.

"When the kids are sick, I'm able to leave that day," she said.


Deb Rowlands is a full-time working mum with two kids.

She said people shouldn't judge working mums as workaholics or stay-at-home mums as lazy.

"I don't think being a full-time working mother is any easier or any harder than being a stay at home mum," she said.

"Obviously the optimum would be to stay at home with your kids, but we can't all have that.

"It's just about being super organised and enjoying the kids and having that quality time when you can get it.

"Obviously being full time, you have to be extremely organised with kids," she said.

"I try to schedule all their dental appointments, ortho appointments and such in holidays or take my lunch hour to do that."

She said it was easier now her kids were more independent, but when they were very young she only worked part-time but still needed a support system.

"When they were smaller, I relied on family day care mum, who was absolutely brilliant," she said.

"I'm lucky enough to have a great support network around me, so if the kids are sick I am able to call on grandparents to look after them."

Gympie Times readers on social media said being a stay at home mum or dad was not the easy job outsiders assumed it to be.

Julie Munro-Gilliland said she was tired of being judged for not holding a job while parenting.

"I know as a stay home mum I am judged as not working," she commented on The Gympie Times Facebook page.

"Oh, you have the life, I am told.

"You have all day to prepare dinner, they say.

"Yes I am a stay home mum but I play and educate my children like at daycare.

"It is hard and rewarding, just as going to work is hard and rewarding."

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