The Gympie Aldi supermarket
The Gympie Aldi supermarket

Here’s why Gympie Aldi does not have a toilet for customers

A LETTER to the Editor querying why the Gympie Aldi supermarket was not made to provide public toilets for its customers drew a mixed response on social media. The Gympie Regional Council has provided this answer to the question:

According to the National Construction Code (NCC) there is no requirement for Aldi to provide toilet facilities for its patrons.

As per the NCC, the requirement for patron facilities in department stores/shopping centres is only applicable where the total number of person accommodated in the building is more than 600 patrons.

For restaurants, cafes and bars, the requirement for public toilets is applicable where the building accommodates more than 20 patrons.





Letter to the Editor


IT HAS come to my attention that there are no customer toilets available in the Gympie Aldi store.

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Before writing this I thought I should check to make sure this was correct.

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On inquiring I was advised that there were only staff toilets, but that they do allow young children and the elderly to use them if necessary, although the person was about to say due to COVID-19 maybe not, but stopped short of saying that.

I feel this is not good enough.

The Gympie Aldi supermarket entrance.
The Gympie Aldi supermarket entrance.

How can the council allow such a large organization to get away with not supplying this very necessary convenience, when much smaller businesses such as restaurants, to name just one, are expected to provide them?

Also, it is not only the young and elderly who may have a problem and need this facility, and they should not have to explain what their problem could be.

I hope in the future council will address this as part of their specifications when large organisations apply to build. A concerned citizen.

Jan Low, Tin Can Bay

The Gympie Aldi supermarket.
The Gympie Aldi supermarket.
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