Helmet saves boy's life

A HELMET may have saved the life of a Goomboorian boy, 16, who crashed into the back of a mini bus on Friday night.

The boy was riding his skateboard about 8.10pm down Cootharaba Road towards Brisbane Road and hit the back of the bus, about to turn into a side street.

A Gympie police spokesperson said he must have going at a fairly high speed because the force of the collision had smashed the back window of the bus.

Bystanders said the boy was instantly knocked out and fell to the ground before starting to fit.

He was initially treated on scene by Gympie Ambulance for severe head injures, spinal, chest and internal injuries and was taken to the Gympie Hospital.

He was later transferred to the Royal Brisbane Hospital, where he remains in a stable condition.

Gympie District Ambulance Officer in Charge Wayne Sachs said the helmet may have saved his life.

Since the incident police have said skateboarding on roads and footpaths has become a problem.

Skateboarders have been seen dangerously riding in traffic across the Bruce Highway near Hungry Jacks and Pizza Hut and down Red Hill Road, which is illegal.

The Transport Operations Road Use Management Act of 2009 says it is illegal for a person to ride a skateboard on a road with a dividing line or median strip, on a road that has a speed limit of more than 50kmh, on a one-way road with more than one marked lane or on any road at night.

OIC of Gympie District Traffic Branch Sergeant Peter Webster said if skateboarders broke the rules it was in defiance of the law, or for juveniles, of the juvenile justice act, an infringement notice could be issued.

He said if the act was committed twice the person could be put before court.

“It’s (Skateboarding on roads) an emerging problem and I would encourage riders to go to the skate park and keep off the road because it is dangerous,” he said.

Sgt Webster said skateboarding on footpaths in Gympie’s CBD was also prohibited.

“Skateboards don’t mix well with pedestrians,” he said.

“I urge parents to take a little responsibility and train their children and also encourage them to wear helmets and some sort of safety gear.”

If you have seen skateboarders risking their lives and would like to share your story or are a skateboarder email us your view at editorial@gympietimes.com

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