Yandina's Wappa Dam overflows after heavy rain. Photo:Warren Lynam / Sunshine Coast Daily
Yandina's Wappa Dam overflows after heavy rain. Photo:Warren Lynam / Sunshine Coast Daily Warren Lynam

Flood warning issued for Mary River as Gympie cops rain

A FLOOD warning has been issued for the Mary River if heavy rain continues to persist in the Gympie area.

 At 11am, the Bureau of Meteorology reported that 40 to 60mm of rainfall has fallen in the upper Mary catchment in the last six hours.

"River levels in the upper Mary River between Moy Pocket and Gympie are likely to exceed minor flood levels later today and into Tuesday,'' the warning said.

"This prediction is based on rainfall persisting at current rates for the next six hours.

"Minor flooding is also possible today on Tinana Creek at Tagigan Road.

"Higher levels and moderate flooding is possible as the rainfall is expected to continue for the rest of today and into Tuesday.''

Predicted River Heights/Flows:

Gympie: Exceed minor flood level (6 metres) overnight Monday.

For the latest weather information see: www.bom.gov.au/qld/forecasts

The next forecast will be issued by 4pm Monday.

Latest River Heights:

Location Height of River Date/Time of Observation
Mary R at Moy Pocket #  2.15m rising  10:36 AM MON 25/02/13

Mary R at Moy Pocket *  1.82m steady  09:29 AM MON 25/02/13

Kandanga Ck at Hygait *  0.74m rising  09:00 AM MON 25/02/13

Six Mile Ck at Lake MacDonald Dr#  1.6m rising  10:42 AM MON 25/02/13

Six Mile Ck at Cooran #  2.67m rising  10:37 AM MON 25/02/13

Deep Ck at Cedar Pocket Dam HW #  101.56m steady 10:40 AM MON 25/02/13

Mary R at Gympie Weir *  1.71m rising  08:20 AM MON 25/02/13

Mary R at Gympie #  2.04m rising  10:41 AM MON 25/02/13

Mary R at Fishermans Pocket *  3.74m rising  09:26 AM MON 25/02/13

Glastonbury Ck at Glastonbury *  1.37m rising  08:00 AM MON 25/02/13

Wide Bay Ck at Kilkivan *  1.12m rising  09:00 AM MON 25/02/13

Wide Bay Ck at Brooyar *  2.23m rising  09:24 AM MON 25/02/13

Mary R at Miva *  3.45m steady  09:00 AM MON 25/02/13

Munna Ck at Marodian *  1.42m steady  09:01 AM MON 25/02/13

Mary R at Home Park *  3.52m steady  09:07 AM MON 25/02/13

Mary R at The Barrage *  3.67m steady  06:00 AM MON 25/02/13

Tinana Ck at Tagigan Rd *  2.04m rising  09:20 AM MON 25/02/13

Tinana Ck at Bauple East *  2.39m rising  09:00 AM MON 25/02/13

Tinana Ck at Teddington Weir *  1.77m falling  08:40 PM SUN 24/02/13

Tinana Ck at Tinana Barrage *  2.97m rising  07:45 AM MON 25/02/13

Bunya Ck at Booral Rd #  -0.6m steady  10:01 AM MON 25/02/13

Black Swamp Ck at Maryborough Rd #  -2.25m steady  10:30 AM MON 25/02/13
Warnings and River Height Bulletins are available at www.bom.gov.au/qld/flood .

Sunshine Coast disaster group on standby

 THE local disaster management group  is on standby as rain continues to fall across the Sunshine Coast and the risk of flooding and landslips rises.

Disaster management co-ordinator Alan "Fox" Rogers said the committee was in a "leaned forward" status, ready to upgrade to a "stand-up" condition if the need arises.

"We are acting on the forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology which is for rainfall of between 100 and 200mm in a 24 to 48-hour period," Mr Rogers said.

"A lot of that rain may fall within any four to six-hour period, so we're putting in place the necessary steps in case any flash flooding occurs."

Mr Rogers said there were concerns over the possibility of landslips in hinterland areas if the rain continued.

A severe weather warning issued by the Bureau of Meteorology shortly after midday listed the Coast hinterland as one of the regions receiving the highest rainfall.

Some roads on the Coast have been cut by floodwater and others are still open but listed as hazardous.

Mr Rogers said these were mostly low-lying areas which were often affected by heavy rainfall.

"We are already receiving reports of of rising water in creeks and waterways in the Mary River catchment area," he said.

Gympie tipped to cop 200mm of rain in 24 hour period

THE Sunshine Coast and Gympie regions are in the firing line of a upper trough and low expected to dump up to 200mm of rain in a 24 hour period starting Sunday night.

As much as 100mm could fall in just six hours and lead to localised flash flooding, a warning from the Bureau of Meteorology states.

The Bureau stated about 10am a slow moving upper trough and associated upper low were situated across central Queensland.

The upper trough and low were expected to move slowly eastwards while amplifying tonight and into Monday.

A surface trough off the central and southeast Queensland coast is expected to move onto the coast during Monday.

Locations which may be affected include Gladstone, Gympie, Bundaberg, Kingaroy, Hervey Bay, Fraser Island, the Sunshine Coast and adjacent hinterland areas, Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast and adjacent hinterland areas.

Emergency Management Queensland advises that people should: 

  • Avoid driving, walking or riding through flood waters. 
  • Keep clear of creeks and storm drains. 
  • For emergency assistance contact the SES on 132 500. 

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