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Heavily pregnant woman fined for parking in parent bay

A HEAVILY pregnant woman who was just eight days shy of her due date was handed a $130 parking fine at her local Asda supermarket for parking in the "parent and toddler" bay while "not accompanied" by a child.

Asma Nadeem, 33, had stopped at her local Asda in Beckton with her husband Nadeem Mohiuddin on the way back from the maternity unit at Newham General Hospital to stock up on nappies.

Mr Mohiuddin told the Newham Recorder that the company which operates the supermarket's parking area, Smart Parking, had observed the family using the parking space unaccompanied by a child on 23 February.

The pair came back to their car with $115 worth of shopping to find the $130 fine.

"I was unaware that a woman who is nine months pregnant could be deemed not to be accompanied by a child," he told the paper.

The family appealed the fine, which was rejected.

The Evening Standard reported that Smart Parking's response stated:

"As the driver was not accompanied by a child, the vehicle was parked in breach of the terms and conditions.

We have no alternative but to uphold the Parking Charge Notice."

Mr Mohiuddin said he complained to Asda's customer services but claimed the company "side-stepped" the issue.

Asda said that the fine has since been cancelled. A spokesperson for the supermarket said in a statement: "We would like to apologise to Mr and Mrs Mohiuddin for any inconvenience caused."

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